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Our Associate Director, Crystal Cardenas, recently attended a training in Ventura County on "Leading People and Organizations in Times of Change."

"Full of heartfelt stories, this book is your guide for mastering life's bumps and emerging stronger and more joyful than ever." –Dovetail Learning

In honor of Pride Month, CIR is re-sharing our Executive Director, Natalie Perkins’ article, describing her experience as a mother of a non-binary child.

Read this powerful account by Crystal Cardenas about her postpartum struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic and how much harder it could have been as an immigrant.

CIR shares about their impactful leadership trainings and the need for accessible training in critical fields.

Join us in congratulating Nelle on his first year at CIR!

Tune into our 10th episode with Julianna Lorenzen!

Join us in applauding Aimee's achievements!

We are eagerly anticipating the continued growth and success that she will undoubtedly bring to this pivotal role.

Last week our team headed south to the Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment. Check it out here!

Click here to explore about her on our page and be inspired!

CIR thanks Sonia for all of the hard work, and we look forward to watching her succeed in her new ventures.
We will miss you!

Please share your training needs for the coming year by completing a short survey and enter to win a free book! Click the link above to access the survey and share your training priorities.


For our very first podcast episode of 2024, Aimee Hanna speaks with Ramona Beltrán, an associate professor with the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, Colorado. Together, they reveal Ramona's complex journey into social work, discover what it looks like to grieve, the importance of re-membering and why it's important to resist a hardened heart during a time of division and deep distress.

As we bid farewell to the past year, our hearts are filled with gratitude. We're thrilled to reflect on the achievements that have shaped our story, and we eagerly anticipate expanding our impact by serving even more people in the coming year.

Here's to new beginnings, shared successes, and the exciting ventures that await us in 2024! Thank you for being part of our narrative.

Saluting the courage and authenticity of our team member, Crystal Cardenas, this holiday season. Behind the scenes, we all face battles, and her openness has strengthened our bonds. Let's amplify this spirit of support - reach out, inquire, and make a difference in someone's season. Grateful for her presence in our nonprofit family. Here's to a holiday season filled with genuine care and love!

It's that time of the year again! Take a look at the remarkable entries our talented staff members have submitted for this year's contest

Our executive director shares their growing awareness of the youth mental health crisis and the struggle to reduce stigma.

In episode 3 of our podcast, Xiomara Flores-Holguin offers us a snippet of her 36 years of experience from working as the only Spanish speaking social worker in LA County to collaborating with law enforcement.

Our Project Director reflects on her anxieties as she sends her 2-year-old twin daughters to preschool, emphasizing the importance of trusting caregivers who share her values, intuition, and qualifications to protect her children.

In episode 2 of our podcast, our Executive Director Sonia Sandoval-Edinger talks about how to sustain and improve wellness in the workplace.

In episode 1 of our podcast, Crystal Cardenas brings together two friends who haven't spoken in years to share their journeys.

Our Executive Director, with over 25 years of supervising experience in the field of family violence, shares four key insights on staff wellness.

CIR Receives Grant Funding to Expand Work on Training for Those who Serve Survivors with Disabilities by Implementing a Train the Trainer (TOT) Program

Join Jeff Takeda as he provides a basic guide on how to meditate and suggests that regular meditation practice can enhance one's professional skills and personal well-being.

Learn more about CIR's new grant.

This year for #GivingTuesday the Center for Innovation and Resources Inc. is giving back to you!