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Our Mission

Our training center provides professionals with evidence-informed practices and strategies to improve the safety and well-being of children, families, and communities.

Improving Services to all Survivors

Over the years, CIR has seen the increased need for specific training on how to work with survivors from special populations. Each survivor is unique which means to provide effective intervention and treatment, service providers must understand how to engage and communicate with these survivors. CIR's past projects, the Underserved Populations Training Project and Serving California's Diversity Project, focused on improving services for these populations. In 2022, CIR was awarded a new grant focusing on serving survivors with disabilities by the Ability Central Foundation. We are working to find additional funding to be able to expand our training opportunities that improve services to all survivors.

A young child sitting in front of a couch on a fluffy carpet with a book open.
  • Training Participant
    Training Participant

    Attending this training allowed me to bring back valuable information to my organization, which has facilitated insightful discussions about how we can better serve victims.