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Customized Training Delivery

Customized Training Delivery

CIR has over two decades of experience working with experts to deliver high quality training to meet your needs. Together, we provide an efficient and content-rich experience. CIR offers high quality, on-budget training tailored specifically for your county or agency's needs.  

If you don't see the subject matter you're looking for, CIR will work with you to meet your specific requirements. Training costs vary by presenter, number of participants, location, and the amount of staff time needed to coordinate them. 

For all inquiries, please contact Crystal Cardenas at  

Overview of Training Topics

Minimal Facts Training
This training is geared toward law enforcement and child protective service workers who work with a multi-disciplinary team to investigate possible crimes against children. It covers protocol and procedure issues, working within an MDT team, the minimal facts interview, question design, memory processing as it corresponds with child development, trauma, the initial investigative process, and interactive exercises.
4 hours online • No maximum • Approximately $8,000

CFIT Revised and Refreshed
In this one-day training, participants will get a refresher of CFIT including an overview of updates to Tom Lyon's Ten-Step template and other "hot topics" in forensic interviewing, as well as explore some of the new training activities and resources included in the latest CFIT revision. This training is designed for individuals who have previously attended CFIT and who conduct forensic interviews (FIs) in an MDT setting; it is not intended for MDT members who do not conduct FIs.
8 hours • In-Person OR Virtual • Up to 30 participants • Approximately $8,000

Interview Techniques
This introductory training is geared toward emergency response and dependency investigations social workers. It provides interviewing techniques, with research drawn from the California model for forensic interviewing. With the help of interactive discussion and exercises, this course covers protocol, working within an MDT, question design and memory processing as it corresponds with child development, building rapport with victims, trauma, disclosure dynamics and cultural factors.
2-Day In-Person • Up to 28 participants • Approximately $13,000

Multidisciplinary Response Team Training
This is an introductory team-focused training for individuals who conduct child abuse investigations, as part of a current or emerging Child Advocacy Center or Multi-Disciplinary Interview Team (CAC/MDIT) in California. This course covers roles of the MDT core members as separate and collaborative, Tom Lyon’s Ten-Step and research, interactive activities, and important timelines to follow during the investigation. POST, MCLEs and CECs available.
1-Day In-Person • Up to 100 participants • Approximately $10,000

California Child Forensic Interview Training
This introductory 4-day course covers basic child forensic interviewing protocol within the context of multidisciplinary team investigations, interviewer-team responsibilities, as well as interview models and techniques. As it relates to interviewing, curriculum includes child development of language and cognition, disclosure dynamics, and childhood trauma. Brief discussions of special topics include interviewing small children, adolescents, and children with special needs, and cultural competency. Experiential exercises and role-play activities are interwoven throughout the three-day training. POST and CECs available.
4-Day In-Person • Up to 24 participants • Approximately $26,000

Price is inclusive of all training services such as printing, preparation, creating flyers, securing trainers, registration forms and post-event coaching to ensure retention of best practices. However, it is the contractor’s responsibility to market their training and secure attendance.

Please allow 12 weeks from contract signing for us to plan and deliver your training.

For events with registration fees, it is the contractor’s duty to collect these fees.

For all inquiries, please contact Crystal Cardenas at


Who We Train

  • First Responders: Law Enforcement and Social Services
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Victim Advocates
  • Multidisciplinary Teams/Child Advocacy Centers
  • Forensic Interviewers
  • Educators
  • Nonprofits and Community-Based Organizations

What People Are Saying About CIR

  • I appreciate your continued support of our CAC and our teams here-CIR has been a great partner and I am not sure how we would be operating without your assistance! - Santa Clara County

  • CIR is always great in assisting us with setting up and administering the training. They also work well around our business office procedures for payment.

  • You provided high quality trainers with authority and experience, and that lends to the credibility of the mission and vision of our CAC. The material covered seemed to resonate with folks, and the team exercises allowed us to get to know each other better. This training also provided the opportunity for feedback from our team that can help us improve our service to them.