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Embark on a Knowledge Journey with CIR!

CIR has had the privilege of working closely with dynamic and engaging speakers who bring unparalleled insights to our training programs. We highly recommend these experts, whose recommendations serve as a seal of approval for the quality of our training sessions.

Elevate your team's skills with sessions crafted by industry leaders, and contact us today to secure training that goes above and beyond.

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Tracy Webb

  • Tracy Webb

    Tracy Webb, a seasoned career prosecutor with 39 years of experience, has been a dedicated advocate for justice, specializing in prosecuting crimes against children, family violence, and cybercrime. Notably, she served as a key member of the Federal Internet Crimes against Children Task Force and is currently the co-chair of the Los Angeles County Cyber Crime Task Force. Tracy's impactful contributions extend beyond the courtroom, as she is also an Emmy-award winning producer of a documentary on gang violence and a sought-after speaker on topics such as cybercrime, human trafficking, and child exploitation.

    Tracy offers 1-4 hour specialized trainings on;
    a. Current issues in Cyber Crime against Children & Teens
    b. Human Trafficking
    c. Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
    d. Elder Abuse and/or Elder Fraud

    She also offers comprehensive full day trainings on current Issues in Cyber Crime, or Crimes against Children, as well as 8 hour trainings for law enforcement and probation departments.

    Choose from our array of training topics to empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the evolving landscape of cybercrime and related issues.

    Tracy can be contacted at:
    Instagram: @cybercrimeawareness