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California Child Abduction Training Project

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The California Child Abduction Task Force is committed to creating resources about child abduction and providing training to professionals in the field, from prevention to investigation and reunification. 

Online Resources

Online resources are accessible 24/7 for your own convenience. 

  • The Child Abduction First Responder Mobile Site, developed by The California Child Abduction Task Force is a resource intended to assist First Responding Officers for child abduction cases.

Request Resources

To request resources to be mailed to your agency, please fill out the request form.

A list and description of available resources can be found below. 

  • Amber Alert Cards
    Amber Alert Cards

    The AMBER Alert Cards set forth the criteria for issuing an AMBER Alert, lists the procedures, and provides contact information for activation.

  • MUPS Cards
    MUPS Cards

    The Missing and Unidentified Persons (MUPS) Cards, are the size of a business card and include a one-page reference chart that contain Penal Codes and reporting requirements.

  • Family Resource Cards
    Family Resource Cards

    A wallet size Family Resource card that provides useful information for parents and family members. The intent of the card is for first responders to be able to leave the family with tips and resources to assist the family after the initial contact.

  • FBI Binders - Child Abduction Response Plan

    The Child Abduction Response Plan is a checklist and a thorough guide for use by investigators during a critical incident where time is of the essence. This edition is a current composite of the most recent investigative approaches and techniques available and derived from many of the most difficult case experiences.

  • Trauma-Informed Practices for Use with Children and Families Affected by Parental Abduction
    Trauma-Informed Practices for Use with Children and Families Affected by Parental Abduction

    This resource will provide an introduction to some common dynamics in parental abduction and the recovery process. There is also discussion about brain development, attachment physiological processes related to stress response and general treatment goals.

Downloadable Resources

  • Includes tips and resources for families during a child abduction investigation. These cards are designed to be uploaded and printed at or other online printers.

  • Incluye consejos y recursos para las familias durante una investigación de sustracción de menores. Estas tarjetas están diseñadas para imprimirse en u otras impresoras en línea.

  • Contains contact information and websites for different mental health resources.

  • Child abduction victims and their families experience problems and disruptions requiring special attention and support. CalVCB was created to ease some of the financial burden victims suffer as a result of a crime.

Additional Resources

  • If you are a searching parent or family member or are looking for tools to help your family deal with the impact of child abduction, this section of the website has information that may be helpful.

  • Most District Attorneys offices in the state have a designated child abduction unit. A current list of addresses and phone numbers are listed on this resource page.

  • Information, links, and resources for FBI, AMBER Alert, and the Department of Justice Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit can be found in this section.

  • Links and handouts about child protective services can be found here, as well as mental health resources and useful information regarding the impact of abduction and considerations for children and families about reunification.

  • This section details the role of the district attorney in child abduction cases and has information about specific Family and Penal Code sections.

  • This section contains information about using the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction to recover parentally abducted children, and has links to useful websites about international child abduction.

Cal OES: Governor's Office of Emergency Services

Produced by the Child Abduction Training Project of the Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc. (CIR) in partnership with the California Child Abduction Task Force with funding from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), made possible through the United States Department of Justice, Victims of Crime Act.