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Resources for Families

Two parents kissing their young daughter on the cheek.

Resources for Families

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If you are a searching parent or family member or are looking for tools to help your family deal with the impact of child abduction, this section of the website has information that may be helpful.

There are many resources available for family members while they are searching for a child or working through the aftermath after the child is reunified with their family. There are too many families who deal with the crisis of abduction and feel they have no where to go to get help or get involved. Below are resources that we hope will assist a family who is dealing with an abduction case or a parent or family member who is hoping to prevent it.

If you have other questions after looking through these resources, please contact your local district attorney or Team HOPE at 1-866-305-HOPE (4673)

Prevention Resources

Impact of Child Abduction Resources