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Remember Why You're Here

Remember Why You're Here

Where we host conversations with experts in the field about what started their journey to do work around abuse and healing.

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This podcast journey started at the beginning of 2023 rooted in desire to have deeper dialogue with the trainers, experts, and our co-workers who are in the field and on the edges of the field. Those who directly work with abused populations and those (like us) who work in the tangents, but are still very much in the trenches. We wanted to dig into why they do the hard work that they do. What drew them to work in service of children who have been abused, abducted, or murdered? Why do we stay? How do we take care of ourselves when the work gets tough? How do we feel after decades of service? Find the answers with us as we dive into a universe of topics. 


Join the dialogue! If you'd like us to cover a topic or would like to be featured on the podcast, please email Aimee Hanna at