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CIR Receives Grant Funding to Expand Work on Training for Those Who Serve Survivors with Disabilities

The Center for Innovation and Resources Inc. (CIR) was recently awarded $75,000 of grant funding by Ability Central to develop a new project called Serving California’s Survivors with Disabilities. CIR’s mission is to apply research-based solutions to real-world problems using evidence-based programs and practices. The funds received will support specialized training/technical assistance to expand training opportunities that educate professionals to better communicate with and serve persons with disabilities who are survivors of crime.  

“CIR is pleased to receive this grant award and will use the funds towards improving professionals’ ability to meet the unique needs of survivors with disabilities, including those who are deaf and hard of hearing, those with an intellectual disability, and those with autism spectrum disorder; we plan to reach 200 professionals across the state,” said Sonia Sandoval-Edinger, Executive Director, Center for Innovation and Resources Inc. CIR has long known about the need for this training topic. They are also aware California is a large, diverse state and traveling to training can be time consuming and costly. To remedy this, CIR is holding all training events in an interactive, virtual format; additionally, all training events will be recorded and posted on CIR’s website.

Ability Central, based in Oakland, California, is a nonprofit organization serving as an educator, convener, and resource for people who are Deaf and disabled and the organizations that support them. Since 2010, Ability Central has been working to transform the field of communications and information access so that all individuals can realize their right and ability to receive information and express themselves.

The Serving California’s Survivors with Disabilities project aims to meet the need of service providers lacking knowledge on how to work with clients with disabilities. CIR will present 4 virtual events focused on four populations: survivors who are deaf or hard of hearing, survivors with intellectual disabilities, survivors with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and children with disabilities who are survivors of sexual assault. Training will include strategies that can be used to more effectively communicate and serve clients with disabilities.

CIR is seeing firsthand the urgent need to provide tools and strategies for working with clients with disabilities. Children with disabilities are more vulnerable to abuse and even veteran service providers lack the knowledge and confidence to effectively serve these survivors. The interactive training developed and presented by CIR will have significant impact on the skill of service providers which will, in turn, mean less trauma and more effective care for survivors with disabilities. 

For more information about this project, please contact Crystal Cardenas, Project Director.