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Public Service Announcement

Child abduction is prevalent in California. While the words “child abduction” strike fear in families, friends, schools, and communities, most people visualize child abduction as a stranger taking a child. What is more common and less understood is abduction by a parent or family member. According to the Department of Justice, each year more than 200,000 children become victims of family abduction. In an effort to increase awareness and educate the public on how common family abduction is and the importance of getting involved, the Public Service Announcement Child Abduction by a Parent or Family Member is a Crime has been developed. Through the launching of this PSA, the Task Force and CIR aim to create awareness and increase the reporting and investigation of family abduction cases.

Please help the Child Abduction Task Force by taking the PSA Impact Survey.

To request a hardcopy of the PSA please contact the Project Coordinator at A limited number are available.