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Accessibility Leaders

Improving Service Delivery to Survivors with Disabilities

We have an exciting opportunity for you to become an Accessibility Leader in your region!

You will receive training and coaching to develop and present implementation strategies that improve access to direct services for individuals with disabilities.

The Serving California’s Survivors with Disabilities project aims to meet the need of service providers lacking knowledge on how to work with clients with disabilities. Over the past year, CIR presented four virtual events focused on four populations:

  1. Survivors who are deaf or hard of hearing,
  2. Survivors with intellectual disabilities,
  3. Survivors with Autism Spectrum Disorder,
  4. Children with disabilities who are survivors of sexual assault.

The trainings included strategies that can be used to more effectively communicate and serve clients with disabilities. We reached over 300 people across the state.

By signing up to be an Accessibility Leader you will...

  • Attend 3 free virtual trainings on topics focused on improving services for people with disabilities
  • Receive free coaching sessions
  • Gain access to recorded training content
  • Make connections with other leaders across California
  • Become a content expert in your region

Additionally, if you sign up to be a leader you can attend CIR's training, "No More Silent Training: Getting the Engagement You Want" for FREE (a $250 value). This training will be happening this summer.

Please send your questions to Cynthia Dionne, Project Coordinator.

Spaces are limited! Sign up below.

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Produced by the Serving California's Survivors with Disabilities and Access to Improved Services for Individuals with Disabilities projects, of the Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc. with funding provided by Ability Central.