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The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), Victim Services Branch funds two training centers: The Northern and Southern California Child Abuse Training and Technical Assistance (CATTA) Centers. Both Centers are operated by the Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc. The aim of the collaboration between Cal OES (formerly Cal EMA) and the two CATTA Centers is to ensure that every child and family in California has access to state-of-the-art prevention, investigation, diagnosis, treatment, and prosecution of child sexual abuse. CATTA provides training and technical assistance to child advocacy centers; multi-disciplinary interview centers or teams; and child sexual abuse prevention, intervention and treatment service providers. Our training topics include the Multi-disciplinary Team Response to Child Sexual Abuse Investigations Training, the California Child Forensic Interview Training (CFIT), and other topics related to the intervention and treatment of child sexual abuse. We conduct two or more webinars a year and all of our webinars are archived on our site (some may require registering before watching). Additionally, CATTA is funded to support two regional trainings or conferences that are co-sponsored by other agencies every year. Explore the site to learn more and please contact us for more information about our training and technical assistance opportunities.

The northern 48 California counties are served by the Northern CATTA Center at CIR in Cotati, CA. The 10 southern California counties are served by the Southern CATTA Center at CIR’s satellite office in Simi Valley, CA.




CATTA develops new trainings every year in addition to the two ongoing courses, Multidisciplinary Team Response to Child Sexual Abuse Investigations and the Child Forensic Interview Training.


CATTA develops at least two new webinars every funding cycle, and provides recordings of those webinars on our Webinar Archive page. Topics for the webinars are usually themed every year so that we can get a few perspectives on a topic.

Conference Sponsorship

In addition to our unique content, CATTA provides assistance to other agencies providing training on child sexual abuse throughout California in the form of conference support, continuing education units for MFTs and LCSWs, and conference promotion through our listserv and website.


Technical Assistance

MDTs and CACs in California

CATTA is a proud provider of technical assistance to MDTs and CACs in California and works to ensure counties and centers are receiving the training and resources necessary for developing sustaining teams bases on proven national standards. Learn more about the multidisciplinary team method for the investigation of child abuse and find additional resources here.

Child Abuse Treatment Centers

OES funds Child Abuse Treatment Centers througout California to provide specialized services to child abuse victims. CATTA provides these centers with training opportunities and technical assistance on request.

Children's Advocacy Centers and the Statewide Coodordinator Project

CIR receives additional funding from OES to fund the Statewide Coordination of California's Children's Advocacy Centers. With this funding, staff from CATTA and CIR work closely with the CACC to coordinate specialized technical assistance throughout the State.



You can learn more about our CATTA Staff on the CIR website!


Kris Murphey

h Project Coordinator, Northern CATTA Center

Joshua Thomas

h Project Coordinator, Southern CATTA Center

Emma Nichols

h Project Assistant, Northern CATTA Center

Tiffany Anderson

h Project Assistant, Southern CATTA Center

Sybil Halloran

h Project Director, Northern & Southern CATTA Center