About Us

Research Based Solutions to Create Better Communities

Through training, coaching, conference coordination, and follow-up support, CIR provides innovative and cost-effective training and technical assistance to individuals and agencies. Our staff has more than 45 years of combined experience working with a network of content-expert associates to meet client needs, on time and within budget. With funding from grants and contracts, CIR has helped dozens of agencies implement high-quality training and support for their employees at a lower cost than they could have realized on their own.

Workplace and Culture

At CIR, we know that good work is accomplished by dedicated individuals who are encouraged to let their numerous talents shine. Our staff are dedicated to the excellent planning and implementation of human service training projects. These highly-qualified people come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide array of expertise to the work we do. We are not afraid to tackle difficult social issues and we know when to stop, take a breath, and have a little fun (is it “ice-cream o’clock” yet?). We embrace our agency’s vision of bettering the lives of children and families, and bring those priorities to our work environment, making every attempt to ensure that we are supporting the individuals who work for us, and their families. Thus, our office environment is far from typical. On any given day we may be accompanied by a mixture of furry friends, studying tweens, and/or sleeping babies.

Meet Our Team

Staff Photos: Sybil

Sybil Halloran

Executive Director

Sybil joined CIR in 2012 as a Project Coordinator for CIR’s Northern CATTA Center and Child Abduction Training Project. She has a Master’s in Public Administration, focusing on Nonprofit Management and has worked in the nonprofit sector for many years, including implementing services for people with disabilities and educating the community to prevent sexual assault and child abuse. Sybil enjoys working for CIR because if its large-scale impact on the health and well-being of children and families. She is grateful to work with the rest of CIR’s talented team of dedicated and caring individuals.


Three Things About Sybil

  • 1. Sybil once took care of hundreds of exotic birds, mammals, and reptiles at an African wildlife park.
  • 2. Kurt Vonnegut has been Sybil’s favorite author for as long as she can remember.
  • 3. Sybil was a member of Sonoma State University’s first women’s lacrosse team.
Staff Photos: Sonia

Sonia Sandoval-Edinger

Project Manager

Sonia re-joined CIR in 2011 after previously working for the agency from 2003-2007. She earned her B.S. at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and M.A. in Early Childhood Education from CSU Northridge. One of the things she likes most about working at CIR is the ability to learn new things and be given the chance to expand her knowledge and skills. Over the last four years she has been able to work with some amazing child safety non-profits and has grown more comfortable in grant planning and writing. Sonia’s background in Early Childhood Education is a big part of her passion for working on grant-funded projects to keep kids safe.


Two Things About Sonia

  • 1. Sonia has run 2 marathons and 3 half marathons.
  • 2. She loves music

Our Mission

To apply research-based knowledge to address real-world problems in human services and education.


Our Vision

We work to create a world where professionals receive the training and support they need to positively influence the lives of children and families. We understand that no one enters a career knowing everything or having finished learning. We are committed to offering quality training opportunities, out-reach tools, and support services to optimize the work of professionals who serve children and families, from the local child care provider to the nonprofit director.


Our Board

CIR's Board of Directors reflects the diversity and community concerns of the statewide training and technical assistance constituents that the organization proudly serves. Although the Board of Directors is small in number and drawn from the relatively homogenous population in Sonoma County, its members are diverse in ethnic background, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and gender. The Board continues to grow and strives to recruit members that reflect the broad diversity of the statewide demographic of human service providers.

Learn more about our Board Members and read their bios.

Staff Photos: Tania

Tania Shaw

Operations and Technology Manager

Tania has been with CIR since 2001, when she joined the team as a student assistant while earning her degree in Psychology and Political Science. She was drawn to the work that CIR does, providing people-focused solutions to issues facing our communities. Tania has enjoyed the continuing opportunities CIR offers to learn new skills and grow in directions she is interested in. Outside of work Tania enjoys knitting, baking, and sharing her creations with others.


Two Things About Tania

  • 1. Tania grew up in the foothills of Colorado but has never been skiing or snowboarding.
  • 2. Her first real job was a Carhop for Sonic Drive-Thru, complete with roller skates and poodle skirts on Monday nights.
Staff Photos: Rebecca

Rebecca Bevan

Fiscal Administrator

Rebecca has been with the agency in various capacities since 2000. She holds a B.A. in Geology from UC Davis. Rebecca most enjoys interacting with and collaborating with the myriad agencies and people working to protect children. When Rebecca is not at work she enjoys knitting for friends and family, as well as making useful household items from scratch like laundry detergent and lip balm.


Two Things About Rebecca

  • 1. Rebecca is super competitive when she plays board games.
  • 2. She does not like tea.
Staff Photos: Crystal

Crystal Cardenas

Project Coordinator

Crystal joined CIR in 2013. Crystal received her Bachelor's Degree from UCLA. She has 6 years experience working in the non-profit sector driven largely by her strong desire to help others, particularly minorities. One of the things Crystal loves most about working for CIR is that the company strives to make a difference in the world on a daily basis. Crystal, whose hobbies are hiking and running, has run two marathons and is contemplating running a third.


Three Things About Crystal

  • 1. Crystal has a new found love for gardening
  • 2. When she was a child she was completely convinced that she was going to be the President of the United States and would debate anyone who questioned it.
  • 3. She met David Beckham while working at Coffee Bean in Westwood.
Staff Photos: Kris

Kris Murphey

Project Coordinator

Kris rejoined CIR in 2013 after spending 10 years in New Mexico. Previously she had been with the agency from 1997-2003. Kris earned her B.A. in Linguistics from Berkeley. She enjoys working to build capacity in different types of organizations and she loves the flexibility and opportunity for job growth with new areas of interest at CIR. She is passionate about building safe and healthy communities. Being a part of a community where the kids are safe, the food is healthy and the architecture is historic makes her happy.


Two Things About Kris:

  • 1. Kris used to work for an organization started by Julia Child.
  • 2. She lived in New Mexico for 15 years.
Staff Photos: Joshua

Joshua Thomas

Project Coordinator

Joshua joined CIR in 2014. Joshua is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Sociology. He decided to follow his heart to the non-profit sector after four years in the accounting industry. Joshua wants his work to give a voice, and hope, to those who are suppressed. He enjoys that CIR’s work helps to promote a healthier and safer community. Joshua is passionate about volunteering his time and energy to helping people in his community. When he has time, he also enjoys photography and entertaining guests in his home.


Two Things About Josh

  • 1. Josh has raised over $15,000 for the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation through participation in the AIDS LifeCycle.
  • 2. He loves street and contemporary art and hopes to have a personal collection when he's older.
Staff Photos: Pets Ruby


Greetings and Security

Ruby heads up the greeting committee at CIR’s Northern California office by making sure everyone who enters the office receives a direct (and loud) “hello”. Ruby enjoys playing tug with any willing partner, a quick snuggle on a lap and an afternoon walk, preferably with her buddy, Sarge.

Staff Photos: Pets Sarge

Sergeant Fancypants

Receiving and Workplace Safety

Sarge is ready and willing to help with whatever he can. He enjoys rotating among all the workstations and going for walks, but is just as content to sleep next to your feet. He loves helping “receive” Fed Ex deliveries on behalf of the office, since he always gets a treat. Sarge heads up the carpel-tunnel relief squad at CIR’s Northern California office with gentle nudges on his office mates’ elbows, a reminder to stretch out their wrists by taking time to pet the dog.